Car Coil Spring Buffer

We are among one of the prestigious and most prominent distributor of car spring buffer, car coil spring buffer. Our wide range of products are highly acclaimed by the huge client base We have. We manage to bring a range of quality for esteem clients.

Advantage of Car Coil Spring Buffer

  • Increases Ground Clearence by atleast 20-25 mm.
  • Protects shock-absorbers and doubles its life.
  • Absorbs shocks while driving on the speed breakers.
  • Prevents tilting on sharp turns (Angle if tan45 ®).
  • Reduces driving fatigue on long drives (This is because the vibration of car does not come inside the cabin.)
  • Smooth driving experience in Rough roads (it absorbs shocks externally and it does not allow shocks to come inside the cabin).
  • Increases tyres life by 20%.
  • No need to do wheel alignment on regular basis .